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Shane Van Casteren

"Go-To Guy" & Operations Manager

Shane is the apple that didn't fall far from the tree as he embodies the qualities of Nick and Lynda, and brings to Nicholyn Farms something truly unique. He is responsible for running the daily operations of the various facets of our business and fuels his business mind with creative ideas for new and beneficial ways in which we continue to grow. He is also responsible for our vegetable and herb gardens and spends much of his free time in the winter months planning the following years crops. Shane ensures that the harvesting is all done at peak times, by hand, to maintain the highest amount of nutrients. The 1-minute trip to our on-farm market shelves makes certain that the produce is a fresh as possible. Any fresher and you'd have to pick it yourself!

As a perfect compliment to Shane's talents, his wife Melissa runs the kitchen and creates all-things-delicious. Even if you've never met her, you've certainly experienced her hard at work as the taste bud tantalizing scents of freshly cooked and baked foods fill our store, and often, our parking lot.

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