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Rib & Chicken Sauce, 355ml (Nicholyn Farms)

Family recipes that have been perfected through generations of taste testing!

$8.00 / Each

355ml bottle

Rib & Chicken Sauce

Ingredients: pure apple cider vinegar, water, tomato paste, glucose/fructose, white vinegar, salt, syrup (corn syrup, brown sugar, artificial and natural flavours, caramel, potassium sorbate), raisins, molasses, corn syrup (glucose, water, refiners' syrup, salt, vanillin), sugar, onion, lemon juice (concentrated lemon juice, sulfites, lemon oil), soy sauce, (water, wheat, soybeans, salt, brewing starter), canola oil, mustard, Worcestershire sauce (malt vinegar, sugar, soy sauce, caramel colour, spices, prune juice, dehydrated garlic, salt), garlic, spices.

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