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Beef Jerky, 100g (VG Meats)

We raise our own beef. We also work with local farmers who, like us, ensure small herd size, high care, antibiotic free, humanely raised animals...

$11.00 / Each


Beef Jerky


Jerky is lean meat that has been trimmed of fat, cut into strips, and then dried to prevent spoilage. Normally, this drying includes the addition of salt, to prevent bacteria from developing on the meat before sufficient moisture has been removed.

There is about 100g. of jerky per package.


beef, bacon brine (water, salt, sodium phosphate, brown sugar, dextrose, sodium erythobate, nitrite), worcestershire sauce (white vinegar, blackstrap molasses, glucose-frucose, onions, anchovies [fish], water, salt, garlic, tamarind concentrate, spices, flavour), paprika, black pepper, salt, garlic, natural smoke.

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