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Savoury Poultry Seasoning (Nicholyn Farms)

our organically grown herbs and spices are grown sustainably and are absent of harmful chemicals and GMOs

$7.00 / Each

20g jar

Savoury Poultry Seasoning

Ingredients: rosemary, basil, summer savory, parsley, oregano, lemon verbena, thyme.

� paleo � vegan � vegetarian � keto � gluten-free � nut-free � non-GMO � soy free �

Our savoury poultry seasoning is a classic mixture of herbs like rosemary, basil, savory, and thyme. It is the ideal starting point for all kinds of different stuffing recipes. Its warm, round flavour perfectly complements the taste of chicken and turkey. It has an earthiness to it that also makes it very well suited to cutting through the richness of fattier poultry like goose and duck.

This blend can also be used as a seasoning in soups and as a rub for roast chicken or pork. For roasts, just season the meat with salt, pepper, and oil, then rub on a handful of Savoury Poultry Seasoning.

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