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WHO ARE WE AT EARTH VALLEY ORGANICS?People are becoming more concerned with #foodsafety, sustainability and where their food comes from due to the prominence of issues we are facing such as #climatechange, #pesticides, herbicides & #geneticengineering. We, at Earth Valley Organics, have a deep reverence for this Earth and all of it's inhabitants.When you stand up for a cause such as the #monarchbutterlfy decline, you're standing up for us. When you sign petitions and/or call on your government to ban toxic pesticides such as #glyphosate that are killing our #honeybees & pollinators, then you're supporting us. When you speak out against genetically engineered food, you speak out for us. We are stewards of the land and work with passion to preserve the biodiversity of this Earth, and to reclaim the integrity of the food supply through regenerative organic agriculture.Come see how we work with the Earth to grow food organically, become part of our seed exchange, walk the medicine wheel garden and learn about the healing nature of plants, or just walk the land and get a feel for what biodiversity feels like in its glory! We have many volunteers coming through our farm as part of the #WWOOF Canada and #WWOOFInternational programs, and also love having people come say hi from the local #community!

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