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Sunflower Kitchen was born in 1995 as a home to home Vegan meals service at Eldad and Nurith's house kitchen. She cooked, he delivered. After working for several years in the restaurant and catering industry, they decided to open something of their own; something they believed in and could share with others; healthy, balanced and delicious meals.

" Worries go down better with soup than without "- JEWISH PROVERB

Eldad is the machine production expert and the technical problem solver, while Nurith is the creative force and as a Holistic Nutritionist; she develops the recipes and works in marketing and sales. Both feel the responsibility to work constantly and deliver in their food a balance between taste, quality and nutrition.

All stages of expansion have come as a result of trust in their products, respect to their vision, amazing customer's feedback, growing on their pace and striving to reach their goals day in and day out. It is said that you don't really feel connected to someone new until you share a meal together. So it is our pleasure to share with you our beautiful food.

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