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WE CARE - Animal care is very important to us. Not only does high care mean a higher quality product; it also means that we are proud of what we do.

SMALL HERD SIZE - We do raise our own pigs; we also work with local farmers who share our same mission and morals. Small herd sizes ensure that we can provide high care and we can be confident that all of our animals are humanely raised.

AUTHENTICALLY LOCAL - Our pork is born, raised, fed, processed and packaged in Ontario by our family & our friends-in-farming.

LOCAL MEANS QUALITY - Raising the product ourselves and sourcing some product through local friends-in-farming maintains a short supply chain. This short supply chain guarantees high quality meat that is sold at a fair price.

PROPER HEALTH CARE - Proper health care is given to maximize the health of our animals resulting in a pure, safe and healthy product.

TREATMENT WHEN SICK - Antibiotics are administered only when necessary to treat a sick animal. We believe this is the right thing to do. The animal lives through the withdrawal period to ensure there are no antibiotics in the meat and is sold at auction (not through our farm store).

FRESH AIR YEAR ROUND - Allowing fresh air year round has helped to reduce lung associated distress such as instances of pneumonia. Prolonged exposure to indoor venting systems can cause strain on their lungs.

NO HORMONES, EVER - Our pigs are raised without the use of growth hormones. Hormones make the pigs larger, tougher and result in a decrease in flavour.

PROCESSING - Our animals are processed with the same dignity and respect with which they are raised. Our animals are always processed in the presence of a government inspector, and by using the procedures set out by the government for the humane treatment of animals.

DIET - Our pigs are raised free run and on a diet that consists primarily of vegetables, grains, vitamins, minerals and probiotics. Our pigs are never fed any hormones or animal by-products.

We feed our animals as closely as we can to what nature intended.

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