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Green Policy

Nicholyn Farms devotes much time and interest ensuring that we make every effort to reduce waste.

We ask you to think whether you really need to use one of our bio-degradable grocery bags. We encourage you to keep re-usable bags close at hand. We have made two styles available for purchase, at cost. They are both of high quality, durable, cost effective, and most importantly, kind to the environment! Our insulated bag also supports the vital need for food safety.

In keeping with our philosophy, Nicholyn Farms has invested in solar energy on the farm. These panels generate clean, renewable energy that we harvest from the sun.

Most of the heat in the retail market is produced by the compressors in the refrigeration equipment.

We actively recycle all eligible materials.

We make our own compost from plant-based materials. This compost is then used as nutrients to fertilize the soil.

Conserving water is critical to preserving our environment.

We use drip irrigation to ensure that all water is directed exactly where it is needed, and not a drop is wasted.

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